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Electric Motors and Valves is a small family business with “Negotiable Prices”. We’re located in the Dallas Texas area, but we ship Nationwide. For many years, we have purchased diversified inventories of high value name brand items at low prices and passed the savings onto our customers.

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Whether you’re an industrial plant, original equipment manufacturer, factory, plant technician or a consumer, we offer the best value anywhere on high quality, energy efficient electric motors, reducers and related equipment and valves. We’ll beat any Distributor Price on the items we have in stock!

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The items on our website are “NEW”, and it top condition, just available at a lower price than the Distributors. We’re not a Distributor or Dealer and we’re not associated with the manufacturer in any way, so what we have listed is what we have available. If you find what you need, contact us…we’ll save you money!

Discount Electric Motors
Qty HP Brand RPM Frame Enc Hertz Volts
1 0.5 Baldor 850 182 TEFC 60 208-230/460
1 1 WEG 3470//2750 B56C TEFC 60//50 208-230/460//190/380
1 2 WEG 3480 145T TEFC 60 208-230/460
2 2 Marathon 3450 56J-65 DP 60 230/460
4 2 Marathon 3450 56C-70 TEFC 60 208-230/460
1 2 Baldor Reliance 1725 145TC TEFC 60 230/460
1 3 WEG 3500 182T TEFC 60 208-230/460
1 3 A.O. Smith Century II 1750//1445 182T TEFC 60//50 200-230/460//200/400
1 3 Baldor 1750 182T TEFC 60 208-230/460
3 3 Baldor 1725 184C TEFC 60 208-230/460
2 5 Baldor Reliance 1675 184T TEFC 60 230/460
1 5 WEG 3480 184T TEFC 60 208-230/460
7 7.5 Baldor Standard-E 1760 213T TEFC 60 575
1 15 WEG 3530//2930 254T TEFC 60//50 208-230/460v//380
1 20 Baldor Severe Duty XT 1760 0256T TEFC 60 230/460
1 20 TECO MAX-SE 1760 256TCY TEFC 60 230/460
1 30 A.O. Smith-Century E-Plus 1760/1445 S286T ODP 60/50/60 230/460//200/400//200
1 40 MagneTek 1775 S324T 60 230/460
1 60//30 Reliance IEE45 MARINE 1775//885 365T DP 60//60 440//440
2 100 Emerson-US TITAN Type R 1780//1475 404TCZ DP 60//50 230/460//190/380
2 2 SEW Eurodrive 1720 TEFC 230YY/460Y


Shaft Mount Reducer, Torque Arm, Screw Conveyor Drive Reducers, Hydroil Shaft Mount Reducers.
Shaft mount helical gear reducer that mounts directly to the driven shaft for long life. Helical Screw Conveyor Drive consisting of a fully enclosed single or double reduction reducer with a CEMA drive shaft, mounting adapter, V-drive and motor mount assy. Hydroil Shaft Mount Reducers consisting of a helical gear reducer mounting directly to the driven shaft, except the reducer is driven by a Hydraulic type motor/system. 2 Single-reduction, right angle worm speed reducers specifically engineered with sealing and bushing.


Discount Reducers
Brand/type Ratio Gear Number RPM
Dodge Relialube 30.00 C262T030N140S5 1750
Dodge Relialube 38.00 C262T038N140S5 1750
Dodge Relialube 38.00 C262T038N140S5 1750
Dodge Relialube 38.00 C262T038N140S5 1750
Dodge Relialube 38.00 C262T038N140S5 1750
Dodge Relialube 20.0 C262T020N140S5 1750
Dodge Relialube 25.0 C262T025N180S5 1750
Dodge Relialube 15:1 C350T015N180S5 1750
Dodge Relialube 20:1 C200T020N140S1 1750
Dodge Relialube 20:1 C200T020N140S1 1750
Dodge Relialube 20.0 C262T020N180S5 1750
Dodge Relialube 20.0 C262T020N180S5 AJ 1750
Dodge Relialube 20.0 C262T020N180S5 AJ 1750
Dodge Relialube 20.0 C262T020N180S5 AJ 1750
Dodge Adaptable 40:1 A200S040N000 1750
Dodge Adaptable 40:1 A200S040N000 1750
Browning Reducer 13.97 107SMT15AY2177 1750
Discount Valves
Leslie 8 inch Diaphragm Valves02

Leslie 8-Inch Linear Control Valve, Diaphragm Valves

Leslie 8-Inch Linear Control Valve, Diaphragm Control Valves, Single-Seated, Balanced Valve with Cage Throttling Trim, 150-600 lbs, Valve Non-Powered, (VALVE, DIAPHRAGM, STOP), WCB, Diaphragm Actuator.These rugged and reliable valves are specially designed for use in steam, water, gas, vapor and non-corrosive liquid service, with hung-cage throttling design which eliminates gasket damage and bonnet or seat leaks.

(Part Numbers & Markings) (actual #DBYNS-3X-3G4A202)
USA Navy Valve, Y103939505, DBOYS-3 Commercial,
364J 2PL, N00104-96-G-0102, 60 psi Diaphragm,
NNSB 14312452, N6679A03, KO, C980B, 3X-364A202,
DBYNS-3X-364A202, NSN 4820-01-412-2026,

Crate Size: 70x36x29 (L x W x H) 950 lbs.

Emerson Valve

EIM Emerson Electric Valve Actuators

(4) Units In-Stock:
EIM M2CP 2ELG-3 MCP 2000 Emerson Process Management Valve Actuation.
Emerson Valve Control Actuator Assembly, EIM Quarter Multi-Turn Electric Actuation, Bettis EZK-401-0313, 460/3/60 with maximum thrust of 30,000 lbs output, 24 RPM Opening/Closing, Open/Close lights, & (3) Pushbuttons, Local-Off Remote Selector Switch, ISM Module 2-train gear limit switch (LSC & LSO 2NO, 2NC CNTS each, Space Heater, Auto-declutch Handwheel, Weatherproof (NEMA 4), Submersible (NEMA 6), Explosion Proof (NEMA 7), Class 1, Group D, Div.1, maximum stem capacity of 2.25 inches, Pullout torque of 251 ft-lbs, and has a 5.5 inch bolt circle, electric motor has a peak torque of 8.1 amps, 3/4HP, 1725 RPM, 2.3A (15-Minutes), 8.1 A Stall, Modular Control Package


Leslie 2-inch Regulating Valve

(1) Unit In-Stock
Single Ported Control Valve with reverse acting actuator and spring.
This valve was overhauled and certified by Leslie Controls, Inc.
Includes Leslie Controls, Inc. Overhaul Certificate.
Diaphragm Valve, DDONSX, 150 psi, NCN 7H-4820-01-146-3644, “A” Certificate of Repair, Size: 2″, Trim: 2, Trim Material: SST, Code: 3B2J2RL, Rating: 150, Max Temp: 450, Body Material: WCB, Inner Valve: EPC, Normally Closed

Keystone/Tyco 16-inch Butterfly Valve

(1) Unit In-Stock
Keystone Valve USA, Fire Resistant, Size R-16, Body 316SST, Trim 360, Seat Silc/Intum, FSCM-04613, CID 882292628, S/N 66287-0
EPI-51 TORC Actuator, 15-Minute Rating, Torque-5100 lbs., 120 Volt, Phase 1, Hertz 60, Amps-2.1, NEMA 4,
Part# 150-952-330-777-061
Valve Assy# 360-703-160-641-000
S/N 105.877-66287-02
Leslie Yoke

Leslie 85R Yoke

(9) Units in Stock85R Yoke, Cast Aluminum, Diaphragm Actuator Not Included

Similar Sizes: 35R, 55R, 135R


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